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Feeding the world from the TopDutch region

During the times of the coronavirus crisis, the world’s eyes have turned to the normally-invisible supply chains that keep our shelves stocked and us fed. The TopDutch region, experts in high-quality dairy products, exports nutritious food to the whole world. One such company is Ausnutria.

The producer of high-quality infant formula from goat and cow’s milk is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, has branches and customers all around the world and produces from the TopDutch region. Despite the corona-crisis, Ausnutria saw a profit increase of 53% in the first quarter of the year and are successfully continuing processes to keep feeding the world, from the TopDutch region. 

‘All precautions are aimed at safeguarding the health of our employees while guaranteeing the continuity of our production processes. This is supported by the government by categorizing jobs in the food supply as crucial professions,’ says Bart van der Meer, Board member and CEO of Ausnutria Dairy Corporation. 

In 2020, Ausnutria will handle some 125 million liters of goat’s milk, and export to 70 different countries on every single continent. Remco Zieleman, Director of Supply Chain at Ausnutria, explains why they chose TopDutch to distribute high-quality all across the globe.

Central location

‘Although we have several branches across the world, we really feel like a Frisian company. Our location in the TopDutch region offers us excellent connections with the port of Rotterdam and the rail network to the Asian continent. We’re located on the A7 and A32 highways, with good connections with Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport. We transport many of our products by sea container, which means it reaches the final destination within 3 to 4 weeks. In 2 to 3 weeks we can transport to Asia by train. The ‘New Silk Road’ is great for us. It’s the middle ground between transporting by sea and the – much more expensive – air freight. We regularly ship whole trains with Ausnutria products to China on this route.’

Room to grow

‘The demand for trustworthy goat’s milk-based infant formula is rising. Especially in Asia, the demand for trustworthy milk powder has increased enormously. Not only in China; demand for our product is also up in South Korea. On the American continent, we’re also seeing more and more consumer interest. For the production of goat’s milk-based infant formula, drying towers are needed, where the milk can be turned into a powder. To the base powder we then add various vitamins and minerals – this is how the end product is created. We produce our goat’s milk-based infant formula in-house, so we can guarantee the quality of the end product. As demand grows for Kabrita and our cow milk-based infant formula, then we have to increase our production capacity. That’s why we’re building a facility in Heerenveen, in the province of Friesland, with new drying towers, which will allow us to increase our capacity. There’s a lot of suitable space here for the expansion of existing branches and the construction of new branches.’

The supply chain expertise

‘Our company is in transition. We’re integrating our supply chain: Our planners, warehouse experts and supply chain engineers now form one single supply chain team. These experts are easy to find in the TopDutch region. Several industrial groups have distribution centers in the region. Experts in internal logistics, with knowledge of efficiency and just-in-time production are valuable for the entire region.’

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