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From New York to TopDutch: Ziel chooses Groningen for European HQ

For those in the know, Ziel is doing big things behind the scenes in New York’s fashion industry. The clothes manufacturing platform is working with brands such as Bloomingdales, Everlast, Krost and Day/Won to make their manufacturing more sustainable using smart technology. After a successful three years in the American market, Ziel is expanding operations to serve the European market, from the TopDutch region.

American street brand Krost use Ziel's on-demand manufacturing platform. Photo: Krost

What a waste!

On average, the apparel industry produces 40% more clothes than they actually sell. This has a huge effect on the planet: Energy and natural resources are used to make, store, and distribute products that are never used. Ziel leverages smart technology to create a platform for factories to manufacture apparel on-demand.

By making smart use of artificial intelligence, our platform will allow us to seamlessly connect the demand for and supply of clothing.

Marleen Vogelaar, Owner of Ziel

Their owner, Marleen Vogelaar, explains: ‘By making smart use of artificial intelligence, our platform will allow us to seamlessly connect the demand for and supply of clothing. This means that exactly what is needed is produced locally, so less transport is required and we provide local employment. Nothing will have to be thrown away anymore. Every factory will soon be able to work with our platform.’ No more waste.

Ziel have been experimenting with their technology and technique since 2017, and are now ready to expand their innovative platform to the European market. Powered by an investment from the GROEIfonds from the Economic Board Groningen, Borski Fund and Purpose Ventures, they will now be scaling-up their platform to give European brands the ability to produce on-demand.

TopDutch: Smart and sustainable

So, what made Ziel choose the TopDutch region for their European expansion? Sytze Hellinga from lead investor GROEIfonds states: ‘We’re very well equipped in Groningen for the rapid development of new concepts and companies.  We provide access to a wide talent pool of highly trained developers. Moreover, the investment climate is favorable, especially when it comes to companies that are committed to sustainability. North Groningen also offers good opportunities to start the first on-demand clothing factory in Europe.’

The TopDutch region has a keen focus on smart manufacturing already. Known as ‘the region of smart factories’, the area is home to an innovative industry network set up to support and develop Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. TopDutch was also the birthplace of Technologies Added, the world’s first shared smart factory that produces on-demand for 10 companies. Ziel’s technology platform will be part of a booming green and digital ecosystem that is leading industries through the digital revolution.

The TopDutch region is home to highly skilled digital talent

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