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Follow the light: Pixi brings nature, art & tech together

Deep in the Drenthe forestland, an organism is swarming. Not wasps, not birds, but Pixi – a new, and stunning, digital organism. TopDutch art collective WERC designed the unique light artwork, inspired by complex patterns existing in nature, such as a flock of birds. Over 1,000 LED lights will draw you through the forest in Drouwen, the perfect way to appreciate the shorter, darker fall days.

The iconic nature of TopDutch province Drenthe brings in visitors from around the world, and just because it’s starting to get a little colder and the sun is sleeping for a few more hours a day doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still enjoy our glorious settings. Explore 3km of the forest of Drouwen, guided by 1,000 individual ‘pixies’, pulsating LED light enclosed in wooden casing and attached to the nature.

Digital art

The artwork was designed by art collective WERC, but was programed to be self-sufficient. The individual pixies activate when you come near to them, and send signals to their peers, creating different patterns, shapes and colors depending on the messages sent, and creating a unique experience for the visitors.


Fun fact #1

The pixies’ brains are made of microprocessor, which contains the same base behavioral rules, what makes them different is the way they process these rules.

Evening adventure

From now until the end of December, you can experience Pixi. Groups of 8 take a lantern that ‘wakes up’ the pixies, and walk quietly for an hour and a half through the 3km in order to experience the art more fully. Tours are available on Friday and Saturday evenings at different times, so there’s plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy this unique mix of art, tech and nature.


Fun Fact #2

The decision of where to put Pixi was not easy. Independent and in-house experts trawled the forest in order to make sure that the environment was suitable, and the art would not affect the nature in a negative way.

Can’t wait to experience Pixi yourself? Head over to the Staatsbosbeheer website to find out more information and to make bookings. Want to keep up to date with all the best TopDutch lifestyle tips? Sign up to our international newsfeed below.

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